A Million Kisses in Your Lifetime By Monica Murphy – Romance Audiobook




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IT’S BEEN THREE YEARS, four months, two days and a handful of hours since the first moment I set eyes on her.
The most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen.
The absolute bane of my existence.
She arrived at Lancaster Prep boarding school the first day of our freshman year, and no one knew who she was. Fresh and untested, open and accepting with that damn smile that seems permanently etched across her face. Every girl in our class immediately fell under her spell. Followed her everywhere she went. Desperately wanted to be her friend, even fought for the coveted spot of best friend. They copied her effortless style, and she set the school abuzz every time she wore her hair a different way or put on a new pair of earrings, for Christ’s sake.
Even the older girls, the upperclassmen, were drawn to her. Completely captivated by a seemingly innocent green-eyed girl who has barely spoken ten words to me in the entirety of her time here.
I’ve heard from more than one person that I scare her. Intimidate her. I am everything she fears, as well she should.
I’d eat her up. Swallow her whole—enjoy every second of it, too.

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